Lawn Mowing Services

Mowing Lawn areas shall be mowed by B & B Outdoor Services at the appropriate Finish height throughout the mowing season. During the mowing season, all lawn areas will be mowed every 7 days or as needed due to weather conditions dictate, up to the total annual number of visits identified in the schedule. Additional lawn cuttings are available at an additional cost.

The mowing operation includes trimming around obstacles and blowing off walks, patios, and decks. Grass clippings will be scattered on the lawn to increase the content of organic matter in the soil and return nutrients from the clippings.

We will keep clippings off bed areas. Mowing patterns or strips will be changed on a regular basis where practical to improve turf quality and provide a pleasing appearance.

Prior to each mowing, please be sure to remove any incidental trash, sticks, toys, hoses, animal wastes and others obstacles from the lawn areas. Lager items such as benches, playhouses, sandboxes, and plastic pools will not be moved.

Edging concrete edges will be edged weekly. Brick pavers and asphalt will not be edged, unless requested. Planting beds will be edged at an additional cost with prior consent.

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